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amiibo Alm - Wii U Switch 3DS Accessories

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Jual Accessories Wii U Switch 3DS amiibo Alm DollyKidz.com
Jual Accessories Wii U Switch 3DS amiibo Alm DollyKidz.com


Alm is one of the two main protagonists in the Fire Emblem™ Echoes: Shadows of Valentia game. Raised by his knight grandfather in a small village, Alm is close childhood friends with Celica. He's since journeyed far from those rural roots and is a major figure in the resistance against the invading armies of the Rigelian Empire. He is determined to protect his country no matter what.


  • Each figure unlocks a special dungeon where players can battle bosses and collect in-game items.
  • Players can save the current strength of Alm or Celica in the game to the corresponding amiibo figure.
  • During combat, players can sacrifice a portion of Alm or Celica’s health in order to summon a computer-controlled illusory hero that will act as a temporary ally for a single turn.

Tap a Fire Emblem amiibo character from the Super Smash Bros.™ series to summon an illusory hero of that character during battle (at the cost of some of Alm’s or Celica’s health).

Tap in any other compatible amiibo figure to summon an additional monster ally to fight alongside you for one turn (at the cost of some of Alm’s or Celica’s health).

* Compatibility of amiibo figures and levels of functionality varies per game. Visit amiibo website for specific details of compatibility and functionality.

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